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BTA GRAND is a consulting and advisory firm dedicated to deliver top-tier Business Taxation and Advisory services with Governance, Risk Management, Assurance, New Business Development and Debt Management Services . Our risk-based approach is designed to add value by enhancing quality, productivity, and innovation. We prioritize delivering high-quality services promptly, recognizing its significance to both our clients and ourselves.

Our work is guided by a strict set of ethical standards and core values upheld by our professionals and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP). We are committed to offering proactive, quality advice at an affordable price. We strive to stand out by setting higher standards and have developed a responsive service model to better meet our clients’ needs, fostering long-term relationships. We view our clients as partners, not just customers.

BTA G.R.A.N.D was founded on the belief that clients should expect the highest standards from us, and we hold ourselves to even higher expectations. We have consistently provided reliable, long-term relationships and a comprehensive range of services comparable to larger accounting firms, but at a lower cost to our clients.

Our Approach is to provide specialized services to client from the best specialized resource available in the market.

We have always formulated the following statements as our guidelines:

Our Services


Audit & Assurance

Professional Audit and Assurance Services: Ensuring Accuracy, Transparency, and Compliance for Your Business.


Taxation Management

Expert Taxation Management Services: Ensuring Compliance and Efficiency. Trust us to handle your tax needs.


Business Set Up Services in UAE

Comprehensive Business Setup Services in UAE: Simplifying Registration, Licensing, and Compliance for Success.


Business Transaction Advisory

Our business transaction advisory services offer strategic guidance, M&A expertise, and financial insight. We ensure thorough due diligence, smooth negotiations, and risk management. Trust our experience to achieve your business goals effectively


Business Risk Advisory

Our business risk advisory services provide comprehensive risk assessment, mitigation strategies, and regulatory compliance. We specialize in identifying vulnerabilities, optimizing risk management frameworks, and ensuring business continuity. Trust our expertise to safeguard your operations and enhance resilience


UAE VAT Services

UAE VAT services encompass comprehensive VAT registration, compliance, and advisory. We provide expert guidance on VAT implications, filing requirements, and audits. Our team ensures accurate reporting and strategic advice to optimize VAT efficiency for your business.


Contract Management Services

Contract management services streamline contract lifecycle, from creation to renewal. We offer expert contract drafting, negotiation, and compliance monitoring Our team ensures clarity, efficiency, and risk mitigation in contracts, enhancing operational effectiveness


Virtual CFO services

Virtual CFO services offer strategic financial management, budgeting, and forecasting. We provide expert guidance on cash flow optimization, financial analysis, and risk assessment. Our team ensures cost-effective solutions and growth strategies tailored to your business needs


USA Book Keeping and Taxation Services

USA Bookkeeping and Taxation Services offer meticulous financial record-keeping and tax compliance. We provide expert guidance on tax planning, preparation, and filing. Our services ensure accuracy, efficiency, and regulatory adherence, supporting your financial health and business success.

Hamid Raza – FCA

Mr. Hamid Raza is a  Chartered Accountant (CA) and Certified Director from ICAP 

Mr. Hamid has a 24+ years of extensive experience in Business, Taxation and Finance specialized in the sector of Real Estate, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Media, Education and manufacturing Sector in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.

Hamid is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and a seasoned finance professional has a proven track record of delivering strategic financial insights, optimizing operational efficiency, and driving business growth for a diverse range of clients.

He graduated from University of Punjab in 1998. He worked in the capacity of Director in MHSS & C0 and Audit Lead in EY Ford Rhodes.

Key competencies include Business Controlling, Taxation Management and Advising on Growth of the Business. He possesses the following additional skills to enhance his major skills. financial analysis, risk management, corporate finance, and strategic planning.


Known for strong leadership and communication skills, Hamid effectively collaborates with executive teams, stakeholders, and clients to achieve financial objectives and enhance business performance. Passionate about providing tailored financial solutions, Hamid is dedicated to helping businesses navigate financial challenges and seize growth opportunities.

He has worked in the Ittehad Group, Tech Group, Vision Group and Engro Corporation.

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